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ClixSense retiring it’s PTC services

The announce from them is a bit old, but I though I wait a little before writing down my opinion, as I thought they still might change their mind, but today we had to realize they did not, so:
Today ClixSense stopped working as a PTC site!

They posted a long announcement on the forum, which can be read here:
Moving forward with change

After reading the topic, it’s easy to see, that the reason of closing the PTC side of the 10 year old site is mainly the loss of their PayPal account.
In my opinion they have done the worst in this case, as they will lose most of their non-US members, as they can’t earn money daily with ClixSense, as – sadly – offers and surveys are rarely available for non-US users. CrowdFlower could be an option, but it’s not a trusted company, they suspend account for no reason and they have no active support to get things right. For those who can actively use CrowdFlower, Neobux pays better…
They could have continued without PayPal, they should have implemented some changes in the terms or referral program to make their PTC section profitable, if it was not since PayPal has gone.

So all in all, ClixSense users who are not from the US or some EU countries (like Germany) lost most of their earning possibilities, while it is not guaranteed that the site will get it’s PayPal account back. But even if it will get PayPal back, it will still be an option for only the minority who can earn nicely with the site without the PTC section…

PTC-list update 2017.07.01.

PTC-List updated!
I’ve removed EnClix, while it has payout problems!

Last week the site stopped paying instantly to PayPal users. Since then it should be paying in a week from the request, but it seems they have problems with their PayPal account, as yesterday when I got my cashout from last week after 6 days of waiting, PayPal sent me an e-mail that they are reviewing that transaction. After a half day they told me that they have to refund this transaction. PayPal deposits were disabled last week, so the problem seems to be at their end.
I’ve contacted EnClix admin since then, I’m waiting for a solution.